About VikoPhone

VikoPhone is a free softphone to make VoIP calls from your PC, through your PBX or SIP provider.

VikoPhone use SIP protocol which is a standard VoIP communication protocol, so the VikoPhone working with the majority of Internet telephony systems compliant with the SIP protocol.

VikoPhone supports basic telephone functionality:

VikoPhone works only on Windows operating system, but from the beginning it was designed to work on different operating systems. The Linux version is being developed.


Hello, world! – the first version of VikoPhone

I started developing VikoPhone a long time ago. At the beginning, I just wanted to learn C/C++ so I decided to write a SIP protocol library. I had to find a way to test it so I build a basic user interface. Then I realized that only the sound transmission is missing for the full […]

December 2, 2018